Faster Weight Loss

Losing weight does not have to be complicated, that’s why our program is simple. Shortly, EMS Revolution is the ideal combination of exercise and diet, that will help you lose weight and improve and maintain your overall health.

No time for the gym? No problem! Welcome to the newest EMS technology for faster weight loss, where you can train your whole body in just 20 minutes and achieve amazing results. Every EMS workout delivers a full-body workout, proving itself not only time-saving but highly efficient.

Improve your figure, provide your body the energy it needs, and enjoy better health!

Better Results in Less Time

The program provides guidelines that can be incorporated seamlessly into your lifestyle forever, guaranteed to reach the goals that you have proposed, either to lose weight, gain muscle, tone and improve your health and well-being.
Our system incorporates the latest advances in technology and sports science accompanied by a balanced diet to help people like you achieve the following:
Lose those 5, 15, 30 (or more) your spare kilos, quickly, safely, and permanently.
Volume down and eliminate fat in “problem areas” of your body, either in the abdomen, legs, or hips areas.
Speed up your metabolism, making you burn more fat even when you’re not active. Now you can activate your body with help of the newest EMS technology for weight loss.
Re-enter the clothes that no longer fit.
Feel and look more attractive, healthier, and more alive.
Learn how to feed to enjoy an attractive, toned, and fat-free body, while eating the foods you love.

Comprehensive Solution

EMS Revolution offers you a comprehensive solution to the overweight problem with a solution that is beneficial to our DNA combined with the results of physical training by electrostimulation (EMS) and also specific supplements that accelerate the processes of physical improvement diet.
Spend less time to exercise, but take advantage of it more intensely.
In addition to all the benefits of following the DNA diet plan allows you 90 days to add up all the advantages of the latest technology applied to improving fitness. EMS training sessions Integral Electro-Muscular Stimulation bring you strength, muscle tone, energy, and reduce stress.
It also helps your body to regenerate, to reduce fat and cellulite, improving skin appearance. So you will feel better fiscal but also physically.
More fun, more dynamic, with a minimum investment of time and effort.
In EMS studio with our program for 12 weeks, you will have access to a nutrition plan for 90 days in which we will include natural foods that provide all essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber optimal feeding. That will make you achieve your goals faster.