Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is still the no one problem in the population at large. Young and old are affected in equal measure. Stress, unilateral strains, and neglect of the back musculature are the main reasons for the complaints. Over time, the conditions become chronic and further intensify due to avoidance behaviors. And so the vicious cycle starts all over again, leaving the afflicted increasingly desperate. There is a way out: targeted back training!

Relief instead of Stress

EMS starts out where traditional methods leave off. With targeted, individually controllable training, even the more deeply seated muscle groups are activated and strengthened. Conventional training can only reach them with difficulty, if at all. The spinal column gains stability. The back is unburdened perceptibly. Certain muscular dysbalances are evened out and the trunk musculature is strengthened – the ideal way to a healthy, strong back.

Straightening at all Levels

Whether as prevention or for back complaints that already exist – studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this form of training:

  • 88 % of the subjects were able to sharply reduce their back pain
  • the frequency and duration of the pain turned out to be as much as 80% less
  • more than 40% of participants complained about constant back pain at the start of the study
  • the figure was just 9% after 6 weeks of training
  • the pain totally disappeared in 44% of the patients with chronic complaints
  • the duration of the typical back pain in everyday life (lifting heavy loads, walking, bending over, heavy physical labor, chores, sports, driving, or sitting for long periods) improved by up to 30%
  • figures that offer hope in the fight against back pain.