EMS Revolution arrived in Qatar with the 3rd and latest generation suits

What is Electrostimulation or EMS Training?

EMS Revolution Spain is now in Qatar with the 3rd and latest EMS generation to target problematic zones of the body. Our Ems training is designed for people with limited time, overweight, or noticing aging effects on the body. Our certified trainers ready to help people burn calories significantly faster compared to conventional training; improves the lymph and blood circulation, muscles growing; focuses on a targeted muscle building; easy on joints; reaches deep muscles.

Certified Quality

All our machines are 100% manufactured in Spain. They have an identifying serial number, full warranty, and quality certificates. 

Our products are a safe bet guaranteed by our clients.

Benefits of Electrostimulation

Weight Loss

With a balanced diet and 20-minutes workout twice a week

Time Saver

Only 20 minutes of EMS training can replace 3 hours of regular workout

Prevent Injuries

By training without additional load

Increase Strength

By stimulating more than 350 muscles at the same time

Delays Muscles Fatigue

Training with almost no physical fatigue

Better Circulation

Training that improves circulation in legs and arms

In Which Sectors is Electrostimulation Used?





For Whom is Electrostimulation Indicated?

Electrostimulation can be used by everybody. Although the type of electrostimulation applied will always depend on the client’s needs and objectives as well as their physical condition or underlying pathologies, which is the first thing that the professional coach should assess